The little surface of things into the depths of the soul

Article from the review Art memories, n°45 - 2004


The painting of Eric Chomis features as a real landmark of an imaginary adventure. Each painting tolls a departure. An invitation to journey back over our own path: that of childhood of course and of its landscapes once and forever caught by the eye. The artist discretely suggests we seize the link between the past and the present, reality and experience, consciousness and the unconsciousness, lightness and depth.
We are both charmed by the intense joy that reigns on the surface of his urban landscapes and then troubled by the intensity, the chaos and the matter.
Cavities, holes, bumps, there's something else beneath all that. It's almost like a sort of pictorial pregnancy able to generate other worlds and other places even more obscure and not knowing where to go next.

As Andre Gence says “Above all this painter has a soul, above all, a soul.”