Eric Chomis

René Quan-Yan-Chung, Article published in the  Univers of Arts, n°60 - June 2001


Behind a painting, there is a being, and the truth of this being is reflected in the truth of his painting. There are many beautiful works in this world but so far the stories that they tell us are based on the recording of creation, authenticity, beauty and poetry. These are the BE S. Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

When you look at a work of Eric Chomis, much critical thinking is required to process the underlying meaning: many colors are not aligned and juxtaposed. Instead, they are mixed, linked, yet entangled. Their beauty originates from a confusion of colors which the painter plays well – or as they say regarding music, plays well in register. Eric Chomis is an alchemist of color. Besides the common artistic ability to produce visuals which his audience can identify with, Chomis introduces another dimension, a musical one.

To say that his paintings sing is a trivial statement. It is more correct to say their chemistry and color recite a kind of musical score: his usage of color matches musical notes felt from within. They are symphonic and not aggressive; contemplative and not phenomenal; fun and not erotic.

In his paintings there are many splashes of color, just as there are many musical notes. Our eye that browses his work records this musical detail in our minds. A painting of Chomis in its diversity, its density and in his exuberance delights the eye and gives pride to the dream-like quality which he introduces. It is complicity, shared between the expression of the artist and the printing of the beholder. Each meets and exceeds one another. Eric Chomis introduces luxuriance in his art: the profusion of details in his paintings. He brings to us a view of vast and detail-heavy places – because his painting is of narrative storytelling – yet these do not overwhelm or lead us astray. All these details are annotations in a course: pictorial and musical notations are all part of his narrative painting.

In keeping with Tom Thumb and Alice in Wonderland, Eric Chomis reveals to us clues of stories which are scattered, collected, compiled and convoluted, guiding us to follow him in their land of innocence, wonder and joy of discovering new worlds. He invites us to share his passions and life experience through his paintings. Eric Chomis by the alchemy of his palette paints the music of his inner world through lush and detailed illustrations which accompany us on the artist’s road.

Beyond the vibrant colors and their iridescence, he invites us in to a world of simplicity outside the hubbub of life; a more perspective and peaceful disposition in spite of the complicated windings, detours and mistakes – to eventually discover, invent and even find harmony in our dreams. 

René Quan-Yan-Chung